A Quick Overview of Our Programs

Rejoice School of Ballet teaches children ages 4 through 18. Classes are held at one of four locations in East Nashville: Edgefield Baptist Church, East Park Community Center, The Martha O’Bryan Center and Glenn Enhanced Option School.


Ballet is the core curriculum and all students take ballet. Depending upon their level, students take from 1 to 12 hours of dance each week.

Classes run from August through April. In April, there is a recital that showcases all students. In April, students also take exams that demonstrate their progress from year to year.

Pre-Professional Program

After a student has taken two years of ballet, and is at least 8 years old, they may audition for our Pre-Professional Track. This track is designed for dancers, who would like to take more than 1 to 2 hours of recreational dance classes per week. These dancers will dance between 6 to 12 hours per week, depending on their level. Our goal is for them to be able to pursue dance in college or as a career.


Students who have documentation they are on government assistance pay $15 a month for classes, dance wear, costumes and recitals. Other students pay according to a sliding scale. This policy makes dance affordable for every child.

What We Do:

Rejoice provides ballet, modern, Pilates, and tap to 100 students from August through April at three locations in East Nashville. In 2014, a fourth location was added at the Martha O’Bryan Center. Students on government assistance pay only $15 a month for classes, dance wear, and costumes. Other students pay according to a sliding scale making dance afforable for every family.

How We Do It:

Rejoice hires professional dance instructors because our students deserve the best dance education possible. Rejoice is supported by individuals, foundations, churches, and businesses.


We would like to thank Silkwood Medical – for helping us through their promotion of a mini face lift in sydney┬áin helping us to continue running our school and helping students. God bless!